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GFI Software continues to receive many accolades across its portfolio from various publications and sites. These recognize and demonstrate our commitment to robust, quality products. Here are just a few of them:

Enterprise Security - Top 10 Web Security Solution Providers 2019

Top-20 Cybersecurity Vendor 2018

GFI Software wins STC awards - June 2017

GFI MailEssentials wins VBSpam+ Award - July 2016

GFI MailEssentials wins VBSpam Award - December 2016

GFI MailEssentials wins VBSpam Award - December 2016

Content security solution of the year finalist

Five-Stars for GFI LanGuard - REVIEW: SC Magazine

FIVE out of six stars for GFI WebMonitor - Review: IT Pro

Award for GFI MailEssentials

Bronze award for GFI WebMonitor

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Compelling choice

Easy win

Editor’s Choice award: 2015 Cyber Defense Awards

Email Product of the year

Business Security Information

For businesses on a budget

GFI Archiver receives a gold award

GFI MailArchiver

Messaging Product of the Year Award Winner - NetworkComputingAwards

WindowSecurity.com - Readers choice Winner

GFI MailEssentials: Messaging Security solution of the year

Great choice for an SMB

Great choice for an SMB

Powerful network security scanner- REVIEW: All NetTools

Rich security features

Second runner-up spot for GFI MailArchiver

Solid product - Five stars