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Bordeaux Tradition

Since we only have one fax machine in the company, we needed a solution that would cut the time we spent waiting at the fax machine, which wasted a considerable amount of employee time.

Our company uses a Microsoft Exchange Server which allows us to store everything on the network and to have a single CRM system. In addition, this guarantees more transparency, no loss of data and proper backing up procedures. We were looking for a solution which would integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange Server. GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP fit the bill perfectly, as it supports the Outlook address book where we store all our mail addresses, fax numbers, and mobile phone numbers for SMS (text) messaging. We found GFI FAXmaker to be very user-friendly, just like a printer!

With GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP we can even send SMS messages directly from Outlook. SMS messages can be handy to get hold of our clients in real time in the event that they are not at their desks, or if we have to communicate an urgent piece of information to them. We also use GFI FAXmaker's SMS gateway to communicate with our sales executives on the road in order to reduce calls to mobile phones that cost a little fortune.

I chose this product thanks to my reseller who knew precisely what I wanted. He perfectly understood my needs and GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP has fulfilled them.

Frédéric Bernard
General Manager
Bordeaux Tradition
Bordeaux, France


Bordeaux Tradition is in the wine trade, specializing in wines from the Bordeaux region, with an export rate of 65%. Bordeaux Tradition has an exclusive range of over 60 châteaux. It can also make incomparable offers of Bordeaux futures and old vintages in most of its Crus Classés wines.

February 2005