Fax securely from anywhere
using a computer,
smartphone or tablet

GFI FaxMaker® with fax services

As more and more companies move to virtual environments, using fax boards and modems becomes problematic.  Add this to the complexity of integrating your fax server with often complex PABX systems; it makes sense to find an alternative way of connecting your fax server to the telephony network.

GFI® has done just that.

With GFI FaxMaker, you can choose between two fax services to connect GFI FaxMaker to - no phone lines, no fax boards, no need to integrate with complex PABXs.

So what is a fax service?

Simply stated, fax services act as a big fax board in the cloud.  Instead of installing fax hardware, modems or FoIP software, and connecting phone lines or SIP trunks, GFI FaxMaker can connect directly to a fax service via secure HTTPS connection to send and receive faxes.  The fax service acts as a fax board would, it dials the number designated in the fax and sends the fax across the telephony network to the destination number.

What does it take to use a supported fax service?

GFI FaxMaker supports two fax services, GFI Online Fax Services and etherFAX

To find out more about using GFI FaxMaker with GFI Online Fax Services or etherFAX, contact your GFI Partner, email sales@gfi.com or contact GFI directly.