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Case studies and testimonials

  • Township of Denville

    left quoteGFI Archiver always performs flawlessly and competent tech support is available when needed.right quote
    John Ciardi Read the full case study
  • Redding Bank of Commerce

    left quoteGFI meets the requirements set forth for a financial institution of our size and type.right quote
    Rob McQueen Read the full case study
  • Bridges Integrity Services LLP

    left quoteMail auditing has been proven a number of times to be very helpful to trace email communications.right quote
    Joke Jong Read the full case study

    left quote[GFI Archiver] was working from the first moment with any trouble. It makes administration of emails easier and faster.right quote
    Karl-Heinz Rohde Read the full case study
  • FrugalBrothers Software

    left quoteWhen companies rely on things like legal hold for law suits, the ability to quickly find mail from employees is a major benefit.right quote
    Bruce Naylor Read the full case study
  • Quantum Marine Engineering

    The GFI MailArchiver installation, in the company owners' eyes, paid for itself at that one moment.
    Michael H. Barlett
  • Duval County Clerk of Courts

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver met all the requirements for email and electronic message retention in my scenario.right quote
    James Haynes
  • Robert Scott & Sons Limited

    left quoteInstalling GFI MailArchiver meant a reduction in disk space used plus there was no need to upgrade disks in servers.right quote
    Brian Beckett
  • PZU Ukraine

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver gave us instant access to old deleted emails and provided us with an easy way to back up emails.right quote
    Maksim Vasilchuk
  • Monroe Band & Trust

    left quoteWe honestly could not comply with FDIC retention policies, or our own policies, without it.right quote
    Mike Hegyi
  • ConSol

    left quoteGFI on more than one account has become a very beneficial tool in the daily madness of email data mining.right quote
    David Ospital
  • INTER-Clean Service GmbH

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver for Exchange is an excellent tool to end the .pst hell.right quote
    Juergen Siebenhuetter
  • Mansell Recruitment Group Plc

    left quoteWhat an excellent product, GFI Mail Archiver does exactly what it says it does on the tin.right quote
    Tim Knight
  • Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver is a great product and I have recommended it to many of my colleagues.right quote
    Bill Thomas
  • Michigan High School Athletic Associations

    left quoteI found GFI MailArchiver to be the easiest to use and it is running flawlessly.right quote
    Jim Ganong
  • Com Group PLC

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver is a very robust technology which works very well indeed.right quote
    Ashley Mothershaw
  • Autoflug GmbH

    left quoteMost of our users were long awaiting such a tool!right quote
    Michael Breuert
  • Urquhart-Dykes & Lord LLP

    left quoteIt's truly a 'set and forget' product which I have complete faith in.right quote
    Andrew Hastings
  • MKO Partners Chartered Accountants

    left quoteGFI MailArchiver allows us to easily track email correspondence and threads of conversations.right quote
    Timothy O'Reilly
  • American International Movers, Inc.

    left quoteWe are very satisfied with the product and its ease of installation and administration.right quote
    Boyd Elrod

    left quoteWe use GFI MailArchiver and we recommend it!right quote
    GianMarco Gabrieli