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Case studies and testimonials

  • Johnston Carmichael

    It has saved us time in our operations in that we have managed to plug a hole in our security.
    Keith Ross Read the full case study
  • Verkeersschool Kees van Iersel

    GFI helps us protect our intellectual property, which is a differentiating factor that sets us apart from other traffic schools.
    Herman Roelofs Read the full case study
  • Multiplicas Casa de Bolsa C.A.

    We found GFI products to be quicker to setup, easier to use and to maintain.
    Gustavo Rendon Read the full case study
  • AAO Advisegroep

    De blangrijkste reden waarom AAO Adviewgroep klanten adviseert om GFI EndPointSecurity in te zetten is de flexibiliteit vanhet product.
    Bas Damme Read the full case study