Monitor security information
and event logs
Available only through GFI Unlimited*

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Anonymization Anonymization
Assigning checks to sources Assigning checks to sources
Audit options Audit options
Automatic program Automatic program
Configure Updater Configure Updater
Create new monitoring checks Create new monitoring checks
Database import export jobs Database import export jobs
Database legacy jobs Database legacy jobs
Default actions execute file Default actions execute file
Enable monitoring Enable monitoring
Alerting options Alerting options
Alerting options - SMS format Alerting options - SMS format
Alerts Alerts
Configure sources Configure sources
Customized view Customized view
Event browsers Event browsers
User log report User log report
Management console Management console
Quick launch console Quick launch console
Reporting - custom features Reporting - custom features
Rules Rules
Server properties Server properties
Server SNMP traps Server SNMP traps
Server system logs Server system logs
Server operational time Server operational time
Stats Stats
Status activity Status activity
File storage options File storage options
General dashboard view General dashboard view
PCI primary requirements PCI primary requirements
Performance options Performance options
Reporting Reporting
Report sample Report sample
Text logs Text logs
Top 10 critical windows events report sample Top 10 critical windows events report sample

Manage event log data for system reliability, security, availability and compliance.

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