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Exinda Network Orchestrator

See why Exinda is the ideal alternative for Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper

Exinda Network Orchestrator is a price comparable alternative for
End-of-Life Symantec/Blue Coat PacketShaper customers


See why Exinda is the better alternative

Exinda Network Orchestrator 7.5 now available May 2021

Changing vendors from your initial PacketShaper deployment is an opportunity to compare network and performance management alternatives.

Exinda Network Orchestrator offers purpose-built for network and application management.


Detailed Reporting

More reports, more options,
out of the box


Proactive network management

Tools to help you do more than
monitor your network


AI-powered network decisions

Configuration wizards and AI suggestions
make management easier and effective

Why customers are choosing Exinda Network Orchestrator

exinda Network Orchestrator


Suggested PacketShaper alternative

Out-of-the-box, in-depth reporting

Comprehensive reports which include link utilization, top applications, top talkers/top listeners by department, time of day and individual IP, has the ability to integrate your active directory, with over 3000 individual application signatures.

Reporting is an additional module that must be purchased, also has limited range

Application performance metrics

Set SLAs for your applications tracking Server/Network delay, application jiter, VoIP packet loss, latency, MOS/r-Factor

No application performance/VoIP metrics available

Minimum real-time parameters

10 seconds

30 seconds

Data Caching

Hold lesser important traffic to let higher
priority traffic through

No ability to data cache

Configuration wizards

Get up-and-running quickly with a self-
discovery configuration wizard.

Manual setup and configuration

Dynamic policy set

Smart technologies that have the ability to re-assign, or burst bandwidth based on your QoS parameters, to use bandwidth dynamically

No dynamic policies


“The most valuable feature is the ability to provide very granular classes of service. That's important because it allows us to prioritize certain traffic types over others, to a very granular level.”

Product Reviewer


  • Understand what’s consuming inbound and outbound bandwidth

  • See effectiveness of prioritizing key application

  • Drill down to detail on application network usage


  • Minimize latency

  • Prioritize bandwidth-limited performance

  • View WAN traffic in real-time


  • Identify what applications matter most

  • Use best practices to set priorities for application traffic

  • Throttle back lower-priority apps while ensuring high-priority apps get the bandwidth they need