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How to configure remote access to the GFI WebMonitor configuration

Configuring remote access to the GFI WebMonitor console consists of three steps:

  1. Configure Access Control in the GFI WebMonitor console while logged into the GFI WebMonitor server giving the remote access user / group / computer access.
  2. On the client machine that is attempting to access the console remotely, ensure the proxy settings of the browser are set to use the GFI WebMonitor server's proxy port.
  3. Use one of the following URLs in the client machine's browser:
  • These URL's are not recognized by the DNS. They are only recognized by GFI WebMonitor when the client sends the requested URLs to its proxy port
  • During evaluation remote access to the GFI WebMonitor console is disabled

Configuring Access Control

GFI WebMonitor Version 2013

  1. Open the GFI WebMonitor console and access the Settings tab
  2. Under General select UI Access Control
    User-added image
    • Note: If you want to configure the Access Control Policies by Users or User Groups you must select Windows Authentication and authentication must be enabled in Settings > Proxy Settings > General
  3. Configure the Default Authorization Rule
    1. Select the UserGroup or IP the rule applies to
    2. Select the Can View Data for: filter to choose data this rules' group of users will have access to view
    3. Select the Access Rights filter to choose which parts of the console this group of users will have access to view
    4. Click Save
  4. Configure additional rules as necessary
    • Note: To delete a rule, click the trash icon next to it
Policies under the Configured Authorization Rules will be applied in order from top to bottom. GFI WebMonitor will check if the incoming user is listed in the first policy's Applies To section. If it matched, it will apply that policy only. If not, it will check the next policy in order.

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GFI WebMonitor Version 2015 and later

To launch GFI WebMonitor installation from machines of users and / or IP addresses that were allowed access to the application, type the URL as follow or in a web browser from their machine. The Internet browser must be configured to use specific proxy settings to enable this access. For disable Bypass proxy server for local addresses from Internet options.
The Administrator has also a new tab "Access Right" to define which rights to give to the policy. Options are:
  • View Dashboard
  • View Reports
  • Change Reports
  • Change Settings
version 2015