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How to import a SQL Database into GFI EventManger's Database

Beginning with GFI EventsManager version 2012, a proprietary database is used for the storage of archived events.  In order to retain SQL data from an older version of GFI EventsManager (which uses SQL) there is a need to import the SQL database into GFI's proprietary database.

GFI EventsManager 2012 or later
  1. Within the GFI EventsManager console select the Configuration tab, then the Options sub tab
  2. Select Database Operations
  3. Right click the white space in the box to the right and select Create New Job. Click Next at first screen.
  4. Choose the radial Import from SQL Server database, and click Next
  5. Specify the Server where the database resides and specify the GFI EventsManager database that resides on that Server
  6. Provide the necessary authentication and click Next
  7. Select Encryption if it applies to you and click Next
  8. Choose any desired filter conditions for the imported data and click Next
  9. Configure to schedule the job or run the job now
  10. Click Finish