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Brooktrout TR114 Cards End Of Life Support Policy

Brooktrout TR114 Series cards are no longer supported

There are no longer any supported versions of GFI FaxMaker which also support Brooktrout TR114 series cards

Why is this happening?

Dialogic/Brooktrout officially discontinued the Brooktrout TR114 Cards.  These cards were last available for purchase in 2005/2006 and given a 5 year hardware warranty.  All Brooktrout TR114 cards are now replaced by the modern Brooktrout TR1034 Family.  GFI has done its best to maintain support for these cards as long as possible but must follow the vendor and after GFI FaxMaker 2011, we will no longer support or provide drivers for the TR114 Series.  

For more information please click here.

How do I know if I'm affected?

There are various ways to confirm if you are using a TR114 or older style TruFax board (which is based on the TR114 driver set). These include:

  1. If you are able to see the physical card, it will be labeled with TR114 or Trufax (this will be on the back of the circuit board as shown here).

Additionally, TR114 series analog boards will have individual channel lights and WILL NOT possess a 'Board' light on the end of the board. A 'Board' light only appears on TR1034 series boards. An example of an older style TruFax-200 card is as follows:

User-added image
  1. If you have a running server, go to Add/Remove programs and look for 'GFI FaxMaker Brooktrout TR114 Drivers'.  This will indicate if you are using a TR114 series card. 
  1. Open your GFI FaxMaker configuration, lines and devices, and pull up the properties of one of your lines.  This configuration will tell you if you are using a TR114 card or a 1034 card.  If it says Trufax, click the drop down for card types and see what other models are available.  If you see TR114 cards in the drop down (as shown in the image below), then you are using the older TR114 card.  If you see 1034 cards listed, you are not affected by this article.
TR114 Lines-Devices
NOTE:  Do not make any changes here, this is just used to help determine the series of fax board you are using.
  1. You may see a Brooktrout TR114 or TruFax entry within the Windows device manager:
User-added image

For comparison, newer style TR1034 based boards will show up as a 'TRxStream' device under the 'Computer Telephony' device group.
  1. During the installation/upgrade to Service Release 3, if a TR114 board is chosen, you will receive a notification indicating that this release is the last to support this board type.
Who can I contact to get a new supported fax card?
  • For a list of currently supported Fax Devices, click here
  • GFI resells Dialogic Fax Boards, click here for a list of available boards
  • US Sales - ussales@gfi.com or +1 (888) 243-4329
What happens if I try to upgrade to a version greater than 2011 with a TR114 Series card?
When upgrading to a Major version greater than GFI FaxMaker 2011 and subsequent service releases, if we detect a TR114 Series card, the upgrade will not occur.  This will ensure you do not lose any settings or require downgrading.
NOTE: This will be your last opportunity to obtain driver support for your TR114 Series card and we recommend reviewing the supported cards list in case you need full device support and heavily rely on faxing.