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How to configure a supported Bintec router with GFI FaxMaker

In order to configure the remote CAPI client of the supported Bintec router with GFI FaxMaker, please follow the steps described;.

Configure Remote CAPI Client

  1. Configure the supported Bintec router in the customer environment. For more information visit the website of the manufacturer.

  2. Download Remote CAPI Configuration which is part of the Brickware tools. This can be downloaded from here.

  3. Install Remote CAPI client (part of the Brickware Tools )

  4. Open Remote CAPI client configuration from Start > Programs > Teldat Bintec BRICKware > CAPI Configuration

  5. In the Remote CAPI tab enter the IP address / host name of the Bintec router in the Device IP address or host name: section

  6. Click the Use these values button in order to automatically add the devices found on the media gateway specified in the Device IP address or host name field

    User-added image
  7. Click the More Devices (CAPI2032.DLL) button

    User-added image
  8. At this stage you should be able to view the controllers set on the Bintec router  device

  9. Clicking the Test button would verify the connection between the Remote CAPI client and the CAPI device connected on the CAPI server

Configure GFI FaxMaker to use Remote CAPI client

Through Remote CAPI client, GFI FaxMaker treats the ISDN port found on the Bintec router media gateway as if it is virtually connected to the same machine.

  1. Open the GFI FaxMaker Configuration and proceed to Lines\Devices > Properties

  2. Add a new Gateway devices Device type line

  3. Choose Bintec R4100 (here as an example) entry as ISDN type:

    User-added image
  4. Close all windows and restart GFI FaxMaker Server Service

At this stage, the Bintec router lines should be shown in the GFI FaxMaker Monitor and able to send and receive faxes.