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How to make a fax test using the XCAPI Test Tool

When facing problems with XCAPI and GFI FaxMaker, it is important to make a test using the XCAPI Tool in order to verify that the XCAPI device is properly configured for the intended media gateway.  

To do so:

  1. Stop the GFI FaxMaker services

  2. Open the XCAPI configuration from the All Programs listing

  3. Select 'View', then select "Expert  F8"

  4. Under Configuration Tab, click Trace

  5. In Trace, Options Tab, configure:

    1. Trace type: Trace into file

    2. Trace file: intended path where the trace file will be generated

    3. Select the 'Apply' button

  6. ​Start a Wireshark capture.  Instructions can be found here

  7. Open the XCAPI XTest Tool from the All Programs listing

  8. Select 'Fax Call' and enter a valid fax number, then "send fax"

  9. Collect the XCAPI trace file generated (specified path in Step 5 above) and a Wireshark trace of the attempted call, and provide in reply to your open case


Should the files collected exceed 4MB, or are too large for you to send, please upload to our FTP Server. The FTP details are below:

Host: ftp://ftp.gfisoftware.com

User: gfi

Pass: gfi911cust

(If using Internet Explorer use ftp://gfi:gfi911cust@ftp.gfisoftware.com)

*Having Issues with FTP upload?  How to upload files to the GFI FTP site using FileZilla FTP Client

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