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Which Dialogic Diva cards does GFI FaxMaker support as a faxing device?

GFI FaxMaker supports the following Dialogic Diva cards as a faxing device:

BRI cards: 

  • Eicon DIVA Server BRI-2M
  • Eicon Diva Server 2FX
  • Eicon DIVA 4BRI
  • Eicon DIVA Server BRI-2M
  • Eicon DIVA Server 4BRI-8M
  • Eicon DIVA Server BRI 3.0
  • Eicon DIVA Server 4BRI 3.0
  • Dialogic Diva 4BRI-8

PRI/T1/E1 cards: (30-channels maximum)

  • Eicon DIVA Server PRI-30M
  • ​Eicon DIVA Server PRI 2.0
  • Eicon DIVA Server T1/PRI 2.0
  • Eicon DIVA Server PRI-30M 3.0

Analog Cards:

  • Dialogic Diva Analog (2-port, 4-port, and 8-port models)

Fax over IP:

  • Eicon Diva Server SoftIP 1.2 - H.323 environment

  • Eicon Diva Server SoftIP 2.0 - SIP environment


  • The above devices are supported on the latest GFI FaxMaker version. Older versions may not support all the above cards

  • The PCI-e versions of the fax devices listed above are also supported

  • GFI FaxMaker was only tested with each card separately. If you want to use multiple cards/devices, you will need to check with the manufacturer of the respective cards to ensure that there are no incompatibilities between the different cards you are going to use

  • You can find technical specifications for the Dialogic cards at the Dialogic website