How to move GFI FaxMaker to a different server and retain current configuration

The procedure to move the existing GFI FaxMaker configuration to a new server consists of 3 steps:

Step 1:

Ensure that you are using the latest build of GFI FaxMaker. If an upgrade is required, you can upgrade the existing GFI FaxMaker installation on the old server. If you are using GFI FaxMaker Client, ensure that you install the latest build of GFI FaxMaker Client on the client machines

Step 2:

Move the GFI FaxMaker configuration files from the old server to the new server using the procedure below: Note: It is important that the setup remains unaltered. Therefore, if GFI FaxMaker is installed in Active Directory mode, the new installation should also be in Active Directory mode referencing the same Active Directory domain. Review: ​How to install GFI FaxMaker in SMTP mode
  1. If GFI FaxMaker is installed on a separate machine from the Microsoft Exchange Server and GFI FaxMaker is to be moved to a new server, perform the following procedure:
    1. If using Microsoft Exchange 2003:
      1. Open the Microsoft Exchange System Manager
      2. Select to view the GFI FaxMaker SMTP connector Properties and navigate to the General tab
      3. Insert the IP address of the new GFI FaxMaker server for the option Forward all e-mail through this connector to the following smart hosts
      4. Click OK
      5. Re-start the IIS Admin service on Microsoft Exchange server and ensure the associated services are re-start
    2. If using Microsoft Exchange 2007 / 2010:
      1. Open the Microsoft Exchange Management Console
      2. Navigate to Organization Configuration > Hub Transport, then click the GFI FaxMaker Send Connector and select Properties
      3. Navigate to the Network tab then select the Smart Host entry and click Edit
      4. Insert the new IP address of the new GFI FaxMaker server
      5. Click OK twice
      6. Re-start the Microsoft Exchange Transport service
  2. Move the existing GFI FaxMaker configuration files using the following procedure:
    1. Log on to the old machine as an administrator
    2. Stop the IIS Admin and GFI FaxMaker services that are running on the old machine
    3. Copy the GFI FaxMaker folder from the old server to the same location on the new server
      • If moving from a 32 to 64 bit Platform, the directory on the New Server will not exactly match the original install path on the old Server.  On a 64 bit platform, the default install path would be: <..Program Files (x86)\GFI\FaxMaker>; this directory is the directory where the configuration files from the old Server should be placed
      • For an exact list of configuration files that should be migrated, refer to: Backup

Step 3:

Install the latest build of GFI FaxMaker on the new Server, selecting to install in the directory you copied the files to in Step 2 above
  1. If you are using the GFI FaxMaker Client, you need to change the GFI FaxMaker STMP server IP from GFI FaxMaker Message Form > Options > SMTP Options
Note: Moving GFI FaxMaker to a new server which is part of a different Active Directory structure is not supported